Australian International Skills Training Pty Ltd’s Mission and Statement

The team at Australian International Skills Training Pty Ltd has a passion for beauty and all it entails. We thrive on sharing our skills and training with new students and seeing them fulfill their dreams in the beauty industry.
Student First
Know more about our customers to provide customised, personalised and market segmented services.
Employment Outcome
Partner with enterprises to provide customised workforce development solutions to improve business capability, productivity and sustainability.
Industry Needs
Regular consulting with the employers and business owner’s partner to provide them support and letting them know all government’s funding available for their business to build stronger local communities.
Develop and deliver products and services with up today technology and for the personal services’ market and model workplace health and safety sustainability principles.
Share our passion to create opportunities for people to improve their lives.
Integrity, customer dedication, co-worker / team focus, continuous improvement and passionate commitment.
To be one of the global leaders in beauty education, focused on the success and satisfaction of students and co-workers throughout their careers.

Australian International Skills Training focuses on working toward the TRUST of students and the professional industry about the value of investment in TRAINING.
We understand all aspects of the training package relevant to the Beauty industry in compliance with the Australian national framework. We are here to provide training and support to the industry, setting standards for students to excel in their knowledge and skills to fulfill the requirements in daily salon activities and beyond.

Beauty comes from within, and Australian International Skills Training Pty Ltd takes a holistic approach to training and treatments and specialise in advanced skin diagnosis treatment procedures. Our training and procedures not only provide solutions to skin problems but also have a lasting effect and immense health benefits to our client’s lives by restoring harmony and balance.